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Our local support coordinators make sure you get the best value from your NDIS plan by connecting you to high quality support services, meeting both your needs and your budget.

You keep full choice and control. Always.

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program that gives people living with disability funding to access supports and services to meet their needs and reach their goals.

The word ‘insurance’ can be a bit daunting, but the scheme is entirely public funded and participants don’t have to pay a premium or any out-of-pocket fees. The NDIS exists to improve the quality of people’s lives through access to essential support (from social engagement to personal care).

NDIS processes and registration can be complex and managing it alone can be stressful. However, our team here at Tee Care Agency are with you every step of the way, helping you feel empowered and confident on navigating your NDIS funding and journey.

Support Coordination Tiers

As a participant in the NDIS program, you have access to three levels of support:

Level 1

Support Connection

This level of support focuses on increasing your capacity to maintain support relationships and participate on independently managing your NDIS supports and plans.

Level 1 support is designed to help you understand your plan and finding the right providers and services to make the most out of your plan. This level of support will also help you gain confidence and skills to manage your plan independently while strengthening your ability to connect with informal, mainstream and funded support.

Level 2

Coordination of Supports

This level of support focuses on assisting you in learning new skills, managing your tasks, and maintaining relationships with others.

Level 2 support is focused on helping you become more independent and strengthening your abilities to connect with and coordinate informal, mainstream and funded support in a complex service industry which includes: resolving points of crisis, develop capacity and resilience within your support networks and coordinating supports from a range of service providers who may be required to assist you in meeting your needs and goals (e.g., behaviour support; speech therapy; occupational therapy; physiotherapy).

Level 3

Specialist Support Coordination

This level of support is the highest tier of support set within a therapeutic framework and focuses on reducing complexity in support for high risk and intricate barriers.

Level 3 support is available for those who require more specialised assistance due to highly complex situations. At this level of support, your specialist support coordinator will assist you to manage challenges in your support environment and ensure a consistent delivery of service. Your specialist support coordinator will also assist you in managing any challenges you may encounter.

The level of support coordination funding that you receive will depend on what is described in your plan. However, if your plan does not describe the funding level, you have the freedom to choose which level of support coordination is best for your needs.

Why Choose Support Coordination Services at TEE Care Agency?

In short, we’re committed in listening, understanding and getting to know you! In more detail, we will assist you in understanding your NDIS Journey and support you in your personal growth.

Your NDIS Journey:

Supporting you to:

  • learn as much as you can about how the NDIS works.
  • set up service agreements if you choose to.

Assisting you in:

  • understanding what each part of your plan means and how you can use the funding
  • how to use the NDIS Online Portal.
  • making sure that service bookings are completed properly.
  • implementing your NDIS plan and complete tasks on your behalf as requested by you.
  • producing reports relevant to your current plan in collaboration with the NDIS.
  • preparing for your next plan review including understanding what has worked and why, what hasn’t worked, the supports needed in the next plan, and drafting plan goals.
  • preparing information you need for scheduled reviews (i.e. annual review) and for unscheduled reviews (e.g. Change of Circumstances, Review of Reviewable Decisions).

Ensuring that:

  • support workers are adhering to recommendations from allied health professionals to best support you.
  • funding is being spent within the set funding budget.

Your Personal Growth:

Supporting you to:

  • find service providers and tell you about the ways you can provide services with feedback.
  • make changes in providers if you wish to and weigh up different options.

Assisting you in:

  • making referrals for assessment you need and ensure urgency is prioritised.
  • finding opportunities for you to access supports and activities in your local community.
  • times of crisis (e.g. homelessness, hospitalisation, involvement with police).

Providing guidance on:

  • how to coordinate your own supports independently.

Ensuring that:

  • you are fully supported by other systems you are eligible for (e.g. housing, health, justice, education).

We are here to assist you in your journey.

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